Group Studies

Group studies is provided for language courses. Optimal amount of students in a group is 4-6. Teacher is focused on every student and it facilitates quality communication in a group. Group and individual approach to the development of abilities and basic reading skills, pronouncement, writing and audition.

Individual Studies

Lessons with one or two students. This type of studies allows to take into account needs of a concrete student. Personal approach to development of abilities and basic reading skills.

Skype Studies

Individual lesson with one student. Possibility to study language at home. Computer screen becomes a study room and desk. Talking to teacher is online.

Language cafe

Language cafe is provided for practice of speaking. It gives possibility to talk on a studied language and fulfill vocabulary. Together with other participants you talk in non-formal atmosphere on topics offered by a teacher, for example: looking for a job, visit to a doctor or official, conversations with colleagues, travels, hobby, celebration of events and anniversaries, and different common topics. Board games, quizzes, good mood, tea, coffee and sweets.

Language For Profession

The course suits you if you want to learn professional speech. Specific lexis of communication in different professional areas: service, characteristics of an item, composing and reading of technical task, reply at the claim, deals with the property, bank business,

Game Methodic Of Studies

Sometimes our classes pass in a game form. It’s a good way to maximise speed of learning process and rise the mood. .