Privacy Policy Administration of website undertakes to protect your privacy in the internet. We pay attention to safety of your data. Our privacy policy is based on General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data of the European Union (GDPR). We collect personal data in the network in order to: improve our service, making contacts with the visitors of website, provision of information requested by users. Collection and use of personal data We collect and use your personal data only in case of your voluntary agreement. If you agree you allow us to use the services: e-mail. Data collection and processing is made according to the law of EU and Estonia. Data storage, modification and deletion Data storage, modification and deletion A user who provided his personal data to website has a right to change or delete it, and also to recall his agreement for its using. Your personal data would be kept as long as its needed for the website activity, when your data is not used we delete it. For access to your personal data you can contact administration here: We can provide your personal data to someone else only if you are agree. If the data was provided, we cannot prevent it from change. Use of site technical data When you visit website recordings about visit from your IP address, about time of visit, settings of browser, operational system, and the other technical information are saved. It’s impossible to identify personality according to this data. Provision of information about underage If you are a parent or tutor and you know that your children provided their personal information on our website without your agreement, contact us: It’s not allowed to leave personal data of underage without agreement of parents or tutors. Cookies politics For correct reflection and comfortable use of the website we use cookie files. It’s small files saved on you computer. They help to remember and find information about you, for example which language you prefer and which pages you already visited. Thanks to cookies using of website is more comfortable. More detailed information about cookies politics is here. You can regulate blocking of cookie files in your browser. Personal information using on the other services On this website we use other services, which make indepenent information collection: Google Analytics. Data collected by us can be provided for other services, they can use the information in order to personilize advertisement. You can see terms of use on their websites. There you can also refuse collection of personal data. Blocking of Google Analytics is here, blocking of Yandex Metrics is here. We don’t give away personal information to the services and companies which are not confirmed in the privacy policy. The only exclusion is giving information on a basis of legal requirement from police. Links on other websites Our website contains links to websites of the third parties. We are not responsible for the content of those websites. We recommend you to read privacy policy of every website you visit. Political changes Our website can renew privacy policy. We report about changes and place privacy policy here. We follow law changes about personal information, according to constitution of EU and Estonia. If you left your personal information on our website, we will notify you about change in privacy policy. If you entered your personal information inproperly, we will not be able to contact you. Feedback, final conclusions To connect with administration of about inquiries of confidentiality: L. Koidula 38, Tallinn, Harju maakond, Estonia, 10150, or with help of contact form on the website. If you disagree with politics of confidentiality, you cannot use services of and should not visit it.